The company was founded by Marvin Besselink, a Dutch native,  after spending several years working in Taiwan for a small carbon vendor and feeling the urge to do things different. In 2019 his wife Ameang, a Taiwanese native joined the company in order to be sure we can run the new direct to consumer aproach and give the best service possible.

The company is based out of Taichung, the heart of the worldwide bicycle industry, here most companies are based and from here the bike industry is operated worldwide. Bikelab Inc. prides itself in offering 90% self-developed products, meaning you don’t buy off the shelf relabeled products yet original designs, direct from the company that designed them and invested in the whole process to get these products to market. The process of getting a product to market means the research, design, tooling setup for manufacturing, artwork etc. where all done at Bikelab Inc.

Dirtlab-USA is the distribution and marketing for Bikelab-Inc. in the USA. All frames are made in Tawain.